Instructors have the option of creating questions that are anonymous. This is an option presented to Instructors when creating a question. If a question is created with the anonymous box checked, students can answer the question freely without worry of their identity being disclosed to classmates or the instructor. We believe that in some circumstances, this promotes more honest answers. On the other hand, if a question is created non-anonymously, information regarding who answered each question will be disclosed. This can help facilitate class discussion, and promote more positive discourse.

Instructors may toggle wether a question is anonymous or not after creation of the question. This is done by navigating to the 'Edit' button beside each question. If a question has been created and set to anonymous, changing the question status to non-anonymous at a later time will destroy any user data associated with each answer to the question. This is to preserve the anonymity assumed by the student or user when answering the question. Any answers submitted after this change will contain the name of the user who submitted.

Changing a question from non-anonymous to anonymous will not impact the answers.

Internally, ChimeIn does associate answers with individual users, even when questions are anonymous. While this information is never available to instructors, it may be exposed to University authorities in the case of threatening or abusive posts.