While ChimeIn works best with a smartphone or laptop web browser, answers can also be submitted from any text-messaging (SMS) capable cell phone.

To use text messages to submit answers, students must first register their phone number with ChimeIn. After logging in to ChimeIn, click the "edit" link in the upper right portion of the screen. Enter a cellphone number and click submit. ChimeIn will then send a text message containing a confirmation number to the phone number. Just type the number into the confirmation box on your screen to "pair" your cell phone to your ChimeIn account.

You can change your phone number at any time by clicking the "edit" link and entering a new number.

Students can then submit answers by sending a text message to 1 (936) 337-5244. It is important that the text message start with the question number, so that ChimeIn knows which question you're answering. An example text might look like "41 c" or "53 I found the video helpful." If the text message is formatted incorrectly, a reply text will be sent. No message is sent when an answer is submitted correctly.

While a text message is limited to 140 characters, some cell phones allow you to write longer messages, which the cellphone breaks up into smaller chunks. ChimeIn cannot currently recombine these chunks, so you may receive an error message in response to your text. Limit your text messages to 140 characters to avoid this issue.

It can take up to a minute for your text message to be processed by ChimeIn.

Just like any text message, there may be costs associated with sending an SMS to ChimeIn. If you're unsure of your text messaging rates, we recommend you contact your cell phone provider.