Viewing A Course


Answering a Question

Answering via Web Browser

If you're using a laptop to answer questions, simply leave your browser open at the ChimeIn page for the course you're in. As your instructor "opens" questions, you'll see them appear on your screen. Simply enter or select your response and click submit. You'll see a brief confirmation message.

Answering via Mobile Browser

If you've got a smartphone running either the Android or iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch) operating systems, you'll be presented with an optimized version of ChimeIn. Just open the ChimeIn webpage on your device, log in, and select your course. As your instructor opens or closes questions, they'll automatically appear on your device. Tap the question to select your answer.

Answering via Text Message

After pairing your cell phone with ChimeIn, you can submit messages via text message. See the "Using a Cell Phone" page for more information.